S'mores On Wheels

S'mores On Wheels 

Our dream since opening Sugar Rush Marshmallows has been to get a food truck to better bring our s'mores to the community!  Meet us at the S'moresmobile and get all your favorites at these dates, times, and locations:



Schedule 2023!  


 3/16 (Thursday) Watermark Community Food Truck Night! 9410 Holliston Creek Place, WINTER GARDEN 5pm-8pm

3/21 (Tuesday) Wedgefield Community Food Truck Night! 20550 Maxim Pkwy, ORLANDO 

3/24 (Friday) Waterbrook Community Movie Night 3111 Ambersweet Place, CLERMONT 6pm-9pm (I'm not sure if this is a gated community or not so stay tuned for info here)

 3/30-4/2 CLOSED



4/7 (Friday) Clermont First Fridays! 685 W Montrose St, CLERMONT (City Hall Park) 5pm-9pm

4/13 (Thursday) Newport Colony Community Food Truck Night 1166 Pointe Newport Terrace, CASSELBERRY 5pm-8pm I don't know yet if this is a gated community so stay tuned 

4/14 (Friday) Casselberry Food Truck Night! 95 Triplet Lake Blvd, CASSELBERRY 6pm-9pm 

4/18 (Saturday) Cortland Lake Lotus Community Food Truck Night 631 Lotus Landing Blvd, ALTAMONTE SPRINGS 5pm-8pm This event is open to people outside of the community so make sure to come down!  We don't often get the chance to come to Altamonte Springs!

4/20 (Thursday) Q Maitland Community Food Truck Night 400 E Packwood Ave, MAITLAND 5pm-8pm I don't know yet if this is a gated community or not.

MORE APRIL EVENTS (ie: Tasty Takeover, etc) will be announced as soon as we are scheduled.  Stay tuned for more updates!

 As always, feel free to send us texts/dms/emails with any questions about locations, dates, menu items, etc.  We never want anyone to make a special trip just to find that the event was canceled/we don't have your favorite item on offer at a certain event.  We are happy to answer any questions you have any time! 





Look out for weekend openings and announcements concerning our Winter Garden Location!