How do you make a marshmallow?

Making marshmallows is a candy making process.  To make a marshmallow you must bring sugar, water, sugar syrup (or corn syrup in some recipes--never ours) to a boil to the correct temperature.  You then put it in your mixer and add gelatin.  We use premium grade kosher beef gelatin.  Allow the mixture to mix for the correct amount of time, pour into pan and wait for about 24 hours before you cut it.  Start to finish our process each batch takes about 30 hours--but a lot of that is impatiently waiting to meet the new mallows.

What's so great about your marshmallows?

Our marshmallows are different because we make them differently.  We start by making our own extracts, we make our own sugar syrup (as opposed to using corn syrup) we use only all natural ingredients and never use artificial colors (with the extraordinary exception of our Rainbow marshmallows.) or flavors.   Store-bought marshmallows use blue food dye, artificial flavors, corn syrup, tetrasodium pyrophosphate (used as a whipping agent), and forced air to make the marshmallows--we use mixers and then cut them all by hand.  Try us, we think you'll love us.

Do you use egg whites to make your mallows?

No.  While there are wonderful mallows out there that use egg whites, we like ours without.  

Are your mallows gluten free?

Marshmallows are naturally gluten free, but we do make some flavors that contain gluten (for example our S'mores flavor.)  However, it is very important to note that while we do our very best to avoid cross contamination, we make our own graham crackers so our marshmallows are not recommended for those with severe gluten allergies.

Do your marshmallows contain corn syrup?

We do not use any corn syrup (high fructose or otherwise) and do our best to avoid using corn altogether.   All of our marshmallows (with one exception*) are made without any corn--even our confectioners sugar (a very sneaky place corn starch is often added) is corn-free.  

On the food truck we do occassionally have a frozen s'more that will contain ice cream made with corn syrup but we do our best to only choose ice creams made without it.  If you have a corn sensitivity, please ask and we will make sure to direct you away from anything containing corn.  

*We do have one exception, however, the food dye in our Rainbow marshmallows contains cornstarch. Unfortunately, we have been unable to produce such striking results with any other food dye.

Are your marshmallows vegan?

Our marshmallows are not as they contain kosher (beef) gelatin.  However, we are happy to announce that we do have a vegan s'more on offer as often as possible on our food truck and for curbside pickup.  Unfortunately, we do not have a vegan marshmallow available for shipping, yet but we are working on it.

We use top grade Great Lakes Gelatin that is certified Kosher (beef, as opposed to porcine) and is completely flavorless.

While our marshmallows are Kosher (not certified), many flavors may NOT be Halal.  We handmake our extracts using vodka, rum, or other pure alcohols. Although the alcohol content in our extracts will be less than one percent of the total product. If you have dietary restrictions please contact us so we can let you know what options we have available.

 Are they hard?  Tough?  Dehydrated?

Our marshmallows are all gentle clouds of soft puffiness with enough of a chew to give you chompers something interesting to do while you enjoy your new happy place.

Do they toast?

All handmade marshmallows will toast differently than your store-bought variety, however our marshmallows toast like champs!  You just have to watch them a little more closely than you may have in the past.  Our marshmallows also do not catch on fire, so no flaming, sticky, projectiles to worry about!  When we toast our marshmallows we use a chef-style butane torch because we like the caramelized effect (and the city won't let us build a bonfire) and we recommend using this method if possible.  This effect can also be achieved using a windless lighter or cigar lighter.  Our marshmallows were made to be toasted so however you do it, enjoy it.

Can I design a mixed sample bag of flavors?

Unfortunately, no.  Marshmallows are very sensitive to other smells and flavors and all the mallows in a mixed bag would end up tasting like a weaker version of the strongest flavored mallow.

What can I even do with a marshmallow?

We think quite a few things!!  No matter what the intent of purchase was, we've learned that most of our customers simply enjoy snacking on our mallows!  But you can add some to your morning coffee, hot chocolate, put them on your sweet potatoes (one mallow on a baked sweet potato is still healthy...right?) put them in brownies, ice cream, etc. 

**We do not recommend using them for Crispy Rice Treats.  Like all other handmade marshmallows, ours will make incredible treats for about 45 seconds and then they will go dry, dry, dry.** 

How should I store my marshmallows?

While some people may decide to eat all of their marshmallows in one sitting, we package them in a resealable bag so that if you don't want to finish them, they stay fresh for you.  They do not need to be refrigerated.  Store them in your cupboard, in your night stand (for secret eating) , on your desk at work.  Almost anywhere.  We just don't recommend storing them on your dashboard, or any place that gets too hot, or in direct sunlight.