About Us

Sugar Rush Marshmallows is the love child of wife and wife team Julie and Jean Summers.

All of our marshmallows, extracts, graham crackers, ganaches, etc are all made completely from scratch using only all-natural, top quality ingredients and, whenever possible, we pull from the bounty of beautiful Florida.  All of our marshmallows are individually cut, sorted and bagged by hand.  Everything is small batch, everything is careful, everything is meant to bring you the best possible sweet treat.

Sugar Rush Marshmallows is based in Orlando, Florida and operates out of our own brand new test kitchen in Winter Garden.  Whenever possible, we collaborate with the incredible small businesses building a new food culture here in Orlando.  Keep a look out for pop up mallow flavors featuring local favorites!

We believe that marshmallows don't need to be fussy or over complicated and we keep processes as simple and approachable as possible.  We promise to deliver exciting flavors to you that remind you of your best you, a simpler time, and the crackling of a campfire.  We promise to always do our best and to always work to be better!  If you aren't convinced in a flavor or you just plain don't like something, please let us know and give us a chance to make it better!  We are in the sweets business to make people happy and that's what we aim to do!

We love our customers.  We love Orlando.  We love making marshmallows.  Give us a chance, and we hope you love us, too.