About Us

Sugar Rush Marshmallows started out on the kitchen counter of wife and wife team Julie and Jean Summers in May of 2016.  Before we knew it, we were selling handcrafted marshmallows and slinging s'mores out of a tent at some of Central Florida's most incredible Farmer's, Craft, and Artisan Markets.  

We graduated from home kitchen to commercial kitchen and grew the business at the amazing East End Market. There, we continued to make our small batch, handcrafted confections using high quality ingredients all while expanding our menu and finding new ways to get marshmallows into the bellies and hearts of our customers.

We eventually fulfilled our ultimate dream of taking the show on the road and built our S'moresmobile so we could get more handcrafted desserts to more people than ever--one parking lot at a time.

Now, we have our own commercial kitchen and are creating more unique offerings than ever before!

As always, we make everything from as scratch as possible, from our extracts to our 'mallows, grahams, puddings, cookies, and etc.  Whether the marshmallows are in a box, toasted on a s'more, or stuffed with ice cream, every single one is made from scratch, cut by hand, and contains only the best ingredients we can find.  Our marshmallows contain no corn syrup or corn starch, and are not artificially colors (the notable exception being our signature rainbow marshmallows!)  As often as possible, we use our marshmallows as a way to highlight Florida produce and feature other small local makers.

We are increasingly endeavoring to offer more classic, all-American, scratch-made desserts and are working on ways to get more goodies to you both on our food truck and online!  Check us out!  We really think you'll like us!  We are all about marshmallows, and so much s'more!