Vanilla or Pumpkin Mug Toppers

Vanilla or Pumpkin Mug Toppers

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The perfect Halloween Mug Topper 4-Pack is available now for pre-order and will ship next week!  

These handsome little pumpkins will be the perfect addition to your favorite hot beverage, acting as sweetener, creamer and delicious surprise all in one as they slowly melt. Add one to hot chocolate, coffee, tea, hot cider, even a hot toddy!  And these little grumps won't mind if you steal a bite out of them first. 

Four-pack will include either Classic Vanilla or Spiced Pumpkin and four different pumpkin faces. 

Will start shipping Thursday, 10/18

ingredients, Classic Vanilla: sugar, kosher gelatin, handmade vanilla extract, cream of tartar, salt. 

ingredients, Spiced Pumpkin: sugar, organic pumpkin, kosher gelatin, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla, cloves, anise) cream of tartar, salt