Marshmallow Decorating Set of 2 or 4 (PREORDER--Shipping December 1)

Marshmallow Decorating Set of 2 or 4 (PREORDER--Shipping December 1)

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Cut & Decorate your very own un-finished slab of vanilla marshmallow!  Cut them into squares, or use the included cookie cutters, and finis with powdered sugar or decorate with the included sprinkles!  Marshmallow slabs are about 4x6 and are completely unfinished--which means you get to decorate every side as you desire, the sky is the limit!  Includes 7 different 2oz cups of various sprinkles plus one 2oz cup of powdered sugar per two trays (4 packs get 2 of each type of sprinkles and powdered sugar)

Perfect (albeit a bit sticky) activity for families, kids, couples, or anyone!  

Tips and directions card included with every order.


Includes: Sprinkles, Sanding Sugar, Powdered Sugar, and 1 Holiday Cookie Cutter Per Tray. (2 in a 2 pack and 4 in a 4 pack)

Ingredients: sugar, kosher gelatin, house-made vanilla extract (alcohol, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans), arrowroot powder, confection sugar, cream of tartar, salt, vanilla bean caviar, sprinkles, sanding sugar.